Freezing Fresh Beets

I love red beets! I asked my husband to plant some this year and they did really well. So I decided to freeze them. In the past I have canned them, and they were good, but it seemed that they lost a lot of their color in the processing. And besides, freezing them is much faster!

A few years ago I canned some pickled beets, but I’m the only one in our house who will eat them. I love making pickled eggs with my pickled beet juice! But, there again, I’m the only here that would eat them.

So, watch my video on Facebook or YouTube Delicious by Debbie and see how easy it is!

Freezing Beets

Desired amount of beets

Large pan of boiling water

Zipper Seal Quart bags

1. Wash beets to remove as much dirt as possible

2. Add washed beets to boiling water

3. Boil for approximately 15 minutes (with a knife, test to see if skins will slip off)

4. Drain and cool beets until you can handle them

5. Slip skins off and cut off both ends

6. Slice beets to desired thickness

7. Pack into bags and flatten and zipper seal each bag, removing as much air as possible

8. Mark the date on each bag

9. Place in freezer!

Published by Deborah Blowers

I’m a gal who loves to be in her kitchen cooking! Growing up in a large family allowed for me to begin cooking and baking at a fairly young age. I’m a wife, mother, and nurse.

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